4-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Turkey Recipe (2024)

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Yeah, you got an Instant Pot for the holidays!

Everyone was raving about this amazing small kitchen appliance!! So you got on the band wagon, bought it when it was on sale, and are now wondering whatin the world you are goingto do with it, right?

I will admit to feeling the same way. I remembered the first time I used my Instant Pot…I was convinced I was going to blow up my house. But after having it for almost a year now, I can honestly say it has become one of our most used small kitchen appliances and has saved us a bundle on “last-minute” dining out thanks to its speedy cooking.

One of our favorite pressure cooker recipes is BBQ Turkey Breast. In the past, turkey wasn’t something that I would normally put into meal plan rotation. It always seemed like a “holiday meal” kind of meat. But after doing a little research I realized you don’t have to purchase the whole turkey anymore…turkey comes fresh in breasts, tenderloin, or ground. Plus, turkey has more protein, fewer calories, and less total fat and cholesterol than chicken.

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When I make BBQ Turkey Breast, I purchase Honeysuckle White Fresh Split Turkey Breasts. (They are located in the poultry section ofthe fresh-meat department.)

I’m brand loyal to Honeysuckle White for a couple of reasons. First, Honeysuckle White turkeys are raised without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones and steroids. Second, Honeysuckle White turkeys are raised by independent family farmers.

I was able to meet one of the farmers, Glenn Rhodes, last October and spend time with him and his family at Riverhill Farms. So I truly feel Honeysuckle White is“farm-to-table” to me … and that gives me peace of mind about the quality of my food.

I can fit up to two breasts in my 6-Quart Instant Pot without problem, although it is a tighter squeeze than just one bone-in breast. Make sure to brine your turkey for at least 3 to 4 hours (but it can goes as long as overnight) to ensure your turkey is flavorful and doesn’t dry out.

When you are ready to cook, remove from brine, remove the skin (or keep it depending on your preference), add apple cider and chicken bullion to the cooker, and place the steaming rack inside (that is the little rack that came with the cooker – make sure to place the handles facing up). Season the turkey breast generously with salt and pepper or your favorite rub and place on the steaming rack.

Lock your Instant Pot up, press the meat button on the front, and adjust the timer to 45 minutes.

While the turkey breasts are cooking, line a cookie sheet with foil, and get out a small brush and your favorite barbecue sauce. This one is our favorite, but I’d love to hear what everyone else likes too.

After the Instant Pot beeps, do a quick release on the valve at the top.

(This means that you move the valve from Sealed to Venting and let all the steam leave the Instant pot. Warning…once you move the valve, get out of the way because there will be a bunch of super hot steam coming out over the next minute or so.)

Remove the lid and carefully take out the turkey breasts with tongs and place them on your lined cookie sheet. The turkey meat will be very tender, so you don’t want to hold it too long with the tongs. Next, generously cover the meat side of the breast with barbecue sauce.

Turn on your oven’s broiler and slide the turkey breast in for 5 to 6 minutes, watching it carefully so they don’t burn.

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Finish by placing the turkey breast on a platter and serve with your choice of side dishes. In the Snyder House, we like it with two-olive pasta salad or rice and steamed broccoli.

Besides being a hit in our house, this 4-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Turkey Recipe is done in under an hour. (And that is from the time you pull the turkey breasts out of the refrigerator till you put it on the table.) Plus, leftovers make great sandwiches or protein in a BBQ Salad.

I know the Instant Pot, can be scary the first few times you use it, but as you gain practice and confidence, you’ll realize what an asset it can be for speedy home-cooked (and healthy) dinners.

4-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Turkey Recipe (4)

Easy family-approved meal in under an hour! This 4-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Turkey Recipe can be prepared with your favorite sauce and is sure to become a family favorite.


1 or 2 Fresh Honeysuckle White Split Turkey Breasts
1 cup apple cider
1 teaspoon or cube of chicken bullion
Barbecue Sauce


1. Brine turkey breast in cool water and kosher salt for 4 – 6 hours (can also go as long as overnight). To brine, place thawed turkey breast in a large bowl. Set aside. Mix eight cups of cool water with 1/4 cup kosher salt. Stir till dissolved. Pour salt/water mixture over turkey breast until turkey breast is covered. (You may need to make more salt water.) Cover. Place in refrigerator until ready to cook.

2. When ready to cook, take turkey breast out of the brine. Discard brine. Pat turkey dry with paper towels and remove and discard skin. Season generously with salt and pepper.

Note – if you prefer to add a rub to the turkey, this is when you would do that.

3. Pour apple cider and bullion in the bottom of Instant Pot, place steaming rack inside, and put season turkey breast on top.

4. Lock lid, select the Meat function, and set timer for 45 minutes.

5. Quick release value after the timer beeps and remove the turkey breast from the cooker. Place on a foil-lined cookie sheet and brush barbecue sauce on the meat side of the breast.

6. Broil turkey breast for 5 – 6 minutes (watching carefully to prevent charring). Either shred breast after cooking of place on platter and serve with additional barbecue sauce.

Want more information about all the new cuts of turkey available at your local grocery store, plus quick meal time recipes? Follow Honeysuckle White Turkey on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.

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Disclosure: I’m THRILLED to be partnering with Honeysuckle Whitein a sponsored capacity on this post. With that being said, the written remarks and opinions, areentirely my own.Want more information – check out myfull disclosure statement.

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4-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Turkey Recipe (2024)
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