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How Vi’s dining program
elevates every meal

Every day at Vi is extraordinary, and our innovative and inspired approach to dining is no exception.But our culinary offerings aren’t limited to just enjoying a delicious meal at one of our restaurants.

For Vi at Highlands RanchExecutive Chef Greg Strickland, as well as so many of our food and beverage team members, getting out of the kitchen and creating unique experiences for residents is an important part of the dining program at Vi.

“Good food is the price of admission,” says Chef Strickland. “What makes us the best are the things we do beyond the menu.”

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Feast your eyes

Watch a video, then read on, about how our culinary program gives residents a taste of the good life.

Our culinary philosophy

For Vi residents, every day in retirement is unique and exciting – which is why our culinary teams go above and beyond to provide a wide, rotating selection of nutritional options that cater to diverse tastes without sacrificing flavor.

While each of our 10 communitieshas its own distinct characteristics that are influenced by local climates, flavors and cultures, they all share a common commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and creating seasonally inspired, thoughtful menus.

Vi at Lakeside Village Executive Chef Peter Murphy takes a hyper-local approach to dining by incorporating herbs from a resident-led community gardeninto his restaurant menus.

“I use herbs very heavily in order to season and add flavor to dishes,” says Chef Pete. “Providing scratch-made food to our residents and seeing them enjoy it is highly rewarding.”

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Though our team of executive chefs comes from a diverse and renowned background of fine dining experiences, Vi offers extensive training and continued education to ensure the whole team is constantly evolving and enhancing their culinary skills.

Likewise, Vi invests in back-of-house renovations that keep kitchen spaces cutting edge for our culinary teams, and front-of-house enhancements to ensure restaurants feel modern and elegant for residents.

And if you visit a Vi restaurant, don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of a Vi chef walking between tables and chatting with diners. Our teams pride themselves on their collaborative processes and take the time to understand residents' unique preferences, needs, and requests.

“I love to hear the stories of where the residents have dined, what parts of the world they’ve traveled, what flavors really inspire them,” says Vi at the Glen Executive Chef Jose Luna.

Beyond the dining room

The food and beverage program at Vi isn’t limited to the four walls of our restaurants – our chefs partner with lifestyle and programming teams to create unique, hands-on culinary experiences for residents, such as:

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Residents can participate in interactive experiences like community gardeningor sampling local produce at on-site farmers markets. At Vi at Highlands Ranch, Chef Strickland curates unique ways for residents to get involved with the culinary process – including managing an apiary.

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From local craft beer to wines from around the world, residents can expand their knowledge and palates through guided samplings. At TidePointe, a Vi Community, Director of Dining Kevin Meredith leads the popular “Wine Down Wednesdays,” where residents gather to discuss and enjoy wine in an informal setting.

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Many Vi chefs offer cooking demos that provide fun and educational experiences for residents. At Vi at Lakeside Village, Executive Chef Peter Murphy recently taught residents how to build the perfect charcuterie boards for entertaining family and friends.

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Experience interactive themed events that transport you to different culinary eras or cultures. At Vi at Silverstone, for example, residents could recently attend “a night on the Titanic,” which featured menus like those on the ship, along with era-inspired decorations and costumes.

Dining your way

There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy a delicious meal at a Vi community.

Formal fine dining

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Indulge in a luxurious dining experience with meticulously crafted dishes that make every meal feel like a celebration.

Upscale dining

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Enjoy lunch or dinner in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere with a varied, rotating menu of delicious meals.

Casual, light fare

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A perfect companion for active lifestyles, our cafés and bistros offer fresh, à la carte items to enjoy on-site or to grab and go.

Bars and lounges

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Unwind and socialize in our stylish bars and lounges, offering a selection of handcrafted co*cktails, fine wines, and light bites.

Glad to be connected!

There’s a lot to consider when embarking on the next phase of retirement—and contacting us is a big step. (Well done!)

We’ll be in touch soon to share expert insights and resident perspectives that we hope are helpful, and one of our team members will also be reaching out to answer any questions you may have.

Elevate Every Meal with Vi’s Dining Program | Vi Living (2024)
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