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Why Old Dominion? Our legacy of dependability.

For more than 90 years, we’ve been helping the world keep promises. With an industry-leading on-time record and low claims rate, our premier LTL shipping service ensures your shipment is delivered on-time and damage-free. Solving your complex shipping problems is what we live for. It’s what drives us. It’s who we are.

Working with OD: The Power of Promises

To us, your business is our business, and we make ourselves readily available as true shipping partners. From standard LTL to expedited shipping and everything in between, we offer a range of freight solutions to meet any business need across every region of the United States and North America. So pick up the phone, or follow these three simple steps to start working with the #1 National LTL Carrier as awarded by Mastio & Company 14 years running.

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Rate Estimates

Fill out our quick forms to receive your freight shipping estimate

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Schedule a Pickup

Use our easy-to-use tools to schedule a freight pickup that fits your needs.

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Easily follow your shipment with our state-of-the-art tracking tools.

Track your Freight

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A Podcast Brought To You By Old Dominion Freight Line

Cargo Shorts® tackles all things related to the transportation of goods. Each episode digs into a key issue facing North American surface transportation with expert insights from economics, automation, and logistics professionals. Learn more about the complexities in the supply chain you’re facing in your business.

Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts:

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This Way Keeps Your Promises

At OD, we lead the LTL category by doing things the right way. Whether it’s refining processes, improving our technology, or investing in our people, OD does things differently to help keep the world’s promises. We believe your business is an extension of ours, so we put in the hard work to ensure your shipment gets where it needs to be on time, every time. Doing things this way is the right way. And the right way is the only way we go.

Learn about the OD Difference

OD Dashboard

View all your important shipping documents and ODFL tools in one customizable dashboard. View reports, export data, get rates, schedule a shipment and much more.

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Website FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions, including changing passwords, scheduling a pickup, and creating a BOL.

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OD's Network of Service Centers

With more than 250 service centers, OD is near you and can support your local needs quickly. Contact your local OD team to understand the shipping options near you.


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Nationwide Services for All Your Shipping Needs

Old Dominion offers freight shipping nationwide and partners with carefully selected freight brokers worldwide. Choose from our domestic less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), expedited, and global services to successfully ship your freight.

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OD Domestic LTL

OD's single-source operation helps you manage your domestic LTL freight shipping needs with confidence. OD provides complete nationwide coverage across all regions of the United States. Our Super Regional LTL Shipping service allows businesses to ship both inter- and intra-regionally with the most competitive transit times and pricing available.

OD Domestic LTL

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OD Expedited LTL

When time is of the essence, OD Expedited Services will get your freight where you need it, when you need it.

Expedited Shipping Services

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OD Global

From Import/Export Compliance to Global Air Freight Service, OD supports your international freight shipping needs.

Global Freight Services

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OD Truckload

We offer safe, convenient, and dependable solutions for full truckload freight—including dry van, flatbed, refrigeration, door-to-door, rail, and other special services.

Truckload Services

Tools to Move Your Business

Our convenient digital tools help you schedule a pickup, track your shipment, review your shipping documents and more, all from our easy-to-use digital hub.

Get Started

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Service Center Locator

Find service centers near you, view transit times, maps, and connect directly with your service center manager. They’ll be happy to chat.

Freight Shipping Near Me

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Create an Account

Create an account to seamlessly manage your shipments, gain access to additional account management tools, and learn the power of keeping promises firsthand.

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Picture Yourself at Old Dominion

When you drive for OD, you’re not only helping the world keep promises, you’re allowing us to make a promise to you. As part of our team, you’ll earn superior pay and benefits with the average annual salary of $86,000. And if you’re new to the open road, we’ll provide you with 6 weeks of paid training.

There are many reasons the average tenure for OD drivers is 9+ years, and our commitment to your work/life balance is on the top of the list as 95% of our drivers are home every night.

Learn More About Working for OD

Old Dominion is a company where drivers feel appreciated and valued. They're safety focused and customer driven, which is why many drivers end up retiring at OD.

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OD Truck Driver

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Read the latest news from Old Dominion Freight Line.

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Investor Information

Find information for investors and stockholders, including quarterly updates, events, stock, and OD financial information.

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LTL Freight Shipping Knowledge

Learn the best way to ship your freight, effectively and efficiently. Find answers to your frequently asked questions, and stay up-to-date with shipping terms and tips.

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LTL Freight Shipping & Logistics Services | ODFL (2024)
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