What to wear in Italy (2024)

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Planning a city break to Italy and want to blend in with the locals? Italian style is less about having a uniform and more about an in-the-know approach to fashion. Confidence is key. Consider well-fitting (not necessarily tailored), smart pieces such as a pencil skirt or a sleek knit dress, always freshly pressed and snag-free. Wardrobes here are bold but not flashy – one showstopper skirt can be paired with a simple knit, a style tip often seen on Mrs Prada.

For a more relaxed setting such as Tuscany, think of understated but always-chic brands such as Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana, or for a more attention-grabbing city look, look to Milan's big hitters – Fendi, Dolce, and Valentino – just a few of the names that put Italian fashion firmly on the map. When in doubt, follow this rule – dress from the shoes up. There’s a reason there are so many Italian shoe designers – Ferragamo, Tod’s, Sergio Rossi, as well as trend-leaders Miu Miu and Gucci. Well-made footwear is the mark of the well-heeled and is the foundation of any outfit. So whether you’re wearing a simple sandal or a va-va-voom stiletto, put your best foot forward and step into a new Italian wardrobe.


Italy’s capital is always smarter than the average European city; for a casual look that’s still polished, a statement midi skirt with a thin knit top is a great option for a day of sight seeing and cafe hopping. This look can be dressed up with a kitten heel for the evening or worn with a more fashion-forward shoe choice such as these playful ‘penny’ loafers from Miu Miu - a slight nod to Rome’s coin-laiden Trevi Fountain. Keep the overall outfit pulled together by opting for neutral tones or monochrome.

What to wear in Italy (1)

French Connection Lily Mozart Short Sleeve Jumper

What to wear in Italy (2)

Prada mirror-embellished organza midi skirt

What to wear in Italy (3)

MIU MIU Leather penny loafers

What to wear in Italy (4)

Mulberry Small Lana Top Handle Bag


Not only is Milan seen as the fashion capital of Italy, it’s also arguably the fashion capital of the world. With the global glitterati flocking here twice a year for Milan Fashion Week, this is the city for full-throttle fashion; colour, print, pattern, and texture. A good way to keep things stylish is to look for classic pieces that pack a punch, such as a shirt dress in a bold hue, a la this geometric-print piece from La DoubleJ. Pair with long boots and colour-popping accessories such as an oversized hair clip or fun sunglasses.

What to wear in Italy (5)

LA DoubleJ Belted printed crepe maxi shirt dress

What to wear in Italy (6)

Jennifer Behr Marion velvet hair clip

What to wear in Italy (7)

Mango heel suede boots

What to wear in Italy (8)

Dolce & Gabbana half print sunglasses

What to wear in Italy (9)

Koko Couture Floral Top Handle Bag

Amalfi Coast

This sliver of Italian coastline is known for its romantic, fairytale vista, so dress the part in pretty floral linens and sweet button-up cardigans, perfect for strolling through its cobblestone streets or stopping by a harbour town for an ice cream. Pair with a straw basket to stock up on vintage finds and some non-flimsy ballet pumps. We love adding a touch of throwback charm with a hair ribbon.

What to wear in Italy (10)

H&M linen-blend dress

What to wear in Italy (11)

Boden Fluffy Pointelle Cardigan

What to wear in Italy (12)

Gianvito Rossi Carla leather ballet flats

What to wear in Italy (13)

Mango natural fibre carrycot bag

What to wear in Italy (14)

Anthropologie Slim Satin Ribbon Hair Bows, Set of 3


How to stay chic and stylish in the sun? The Italians have it nailed. Look for earthy, relaxed tailoring, such as a linen shirt set – updated for 2024 in sunset oche and worn oversized. Pair with a smart, open sandal, something that can keep you going through a vineyard tour or for cycling the hilly terrain, as well as a hat - we recommend a baseball cap for a Succession-meets-sporty take on sunshine dressing.

What to wear in Italy (15)

Mango Regina Oversized Shirt

What to wear in Italy (16)

Loro Piana baseball cap

What to wear in Italy (17)

Mango 100% linen wide leg trousers

What to wear in Italy (18)

Loro Piana Kaede Sandals

What to wear in Italy (19)

Missoma molten twisted infinity bracelet


One of the hottest holiday destinations right now, in no small part thanks to the likes of White Lotus, Sicily is the place for high-voltage holiday dressing, with looks to take you from beach club to after dark. Valentino’s slinky knit dress with feather trim is the perfect look for this, especially in sundowner ombre hues. Pair with statement earrings and paired-back sandals and bucket bag for a polished take on holiday bohemian dressing.

What to wear in Italy (20)

Valentino feather-trimmed dégradé metallic knitted midi dress

What to wear in Italy (21)

Hunza G Square-Neck Seersucker One-Piece Swimsuit

What to wear in Italy (22)

Zara flat leather slider

What to wear in Italy (23)

Crystals & Co Emerald Three Drop Earrings

What to wear in Italy (24)

The Row Estelle raffia tote bag

What to wear in Italy (2024)
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